Pre-viva pick-me-up
  • Moving to a new country I had never even visited before, where I didn’t know anybody, for an undetermined period of time, while not being fluent in the language …
  • To enrol in the hardest and highest possible academic degree in a multidisciplinary project (while having no knowledge about any of the involved disciplines, i.e. having to learn about each of them) …
  • While being self-funded and therefore having to juggle between a full-time PhD and a part-time job in lieu of entertainment and self-care…
  • And therefore: tutoring undergraduates and supervising MSc dissertations in fields I knew virtually nothing about (i.e. having to learn about these fields as well), and having students actually nominating me for a Teaching Award
  • Writing an entire PhD thesis in my 3rd language (in which I was good but absolutely not fluent before the PhD)
  • Receiving a British Federation of Women Graduates prize for my research
  • Facing my absolute phobia of stats and coding, and running complex analyses on R
  • Facing my mediocre social skills and imposter syndrome, and enrolling into ALL the conferences and community/academic events I could find (and ending up at the University’s 3MT final)
  • Leading (chaotically and unskilfully) a team of 50 people to organise a science festival
  • Riding a bike from Glasgow to Edinburgh for charity, while being dramatically unfit
  • Changing this unfitness and ACTUALLY getting into (and maintaining) an exercising routine
  • Reducing to almost 0 my yearly purchases of fast fashion, and actively reducing my use of plastic
  • Persevering, even when all I wanted to do was switch for easier solutions. Persevering with R, persevering with recruitment, persevering with the MRI study. Persevering with this blog even when I thought nobody cared about it and there was too much going on
  • Accepting there is so much I don’t know, learning things not relevant in any way for my research. Forcing myself to question my own views and consider others’ (still working a lot on that, but proud to have started the journey)
  • Queuing like a true Brit, but not drinking like one




The Chronicles of Morningside: The Tower, The Farm and The PhD

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PhD and Stuff

PhD and Stuff

The Chronicles of Morningside: The Tower, The Farm and The PhD

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